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Bosch IoT Insights: access control extension & raw data storage

Access control extension preparation

The preparation of the Access Control Extension feature for Bosch IoT Insights still continues.

Raw data storage preparation

We continue to work on a better way to save input data and also enable users to upload files up to 50 Gb.
Meanwhile the first customers are in a closed beta test of this feature, after this phase is finished a rollout to all other instances will be applied.

Further UI improvements

(INS-1685) – For projects with enabled calendar feature it is now possible to create Query Templates for this calendar events. Also the Data Browser, and Data Analyzer can now be used to query these events.



In addition the following fixes were applied to the service.

  • INS-1517: “login_required” error after login (too many redirects)
  • INS-1692:Usage data report should not include deleted projects
  • INS-1703:Table Widget: Sort whole table instead of shown page
  • INS-1764:Processing of input documents in Processing Pipeline is broken on Development System
  • INS-1691:Usage data report device count is always 0 for some projects
  • INS-1744: Master Data History: Implement retry-mechanism in case of SuiteAuth errors on token request for Master Data History websocket-connection