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Bosch IoT Insights: Access Control Extension & Raw Data Storage preparation continue

Access Control Extension preparation

The preparation of the Access Control Extension feature for Bosch IoT Insights still continues.

Raw Data Storage preparation

We continue to work on enabling users to upload files of up to 50 Gb. Our closed beta tester have already provided feedback that we applied

Further Improvements

(INS-1680) – Improve query performance of device history view and management. This leads to faster loading of the view and allows viewing high page numbers.

(INS-1388) – The documentation has been restructured to improve access to important information.

(INS-882) – We now use FOSSID as the OSS scan tool and have it activated for our continues builds. Thus violations are detected earlier and can be fixed faster.


In addition the following fixes were applied to the service.

  • INS-29:  Query Template Engine contains several bug
  • INS-1521: Querying a high page number in device-history leads to out of memory
  • INS-1674: Colored Tour Map widget missing line when range is constant
  • INS-1676: Help links only open the Introduction page of the documentation
  • INS-1641: MDF Parser crashes by startup
  • INS-1812: Purging does not delete “processing information” for pipeline projects
  • INS-1847: File selection in processing pipeline UI not possible anymore