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Bosch IoT Insights: continued preparation of Access Control Extension and Raw Data Storage

Access Control Extension preparation

The preparation of the Access Control Extension feature for Bosch IoT Insights still continues. In the last sprint, we solved some corner cases and adjusted some configurations after the migration (INS-1387). The newly integrated Suite Auth user management system should now run as smoothly as before.

We continue our efforts by cleaning up permission management parts that are no longer used (INS-1014) and changing legacy custom processors to enable access to Bosch IoT Things (INS-1027). We also started work on managing the access rights of a device (INS-1344). In the context of the migration, this will be the first feature that provides new functionality to users. The features will be deployed soon.

Raw Data Storage preparation

We continue to work on a cheaper way to save input data as raw storage. The functionality to create corresponding storage buckets by project booking and removing them by project deletion has been implemented (INS-183 & INS-184). As stated in the last few notices, this feature is not yet visible to customers until we can enable it as a whole.

MDF Decoder Improvement

If you are using the MDF decoder functionality in your project, we have good news: we now support Version 3. To enable it in pipeline processing you may have to restart your pipeline to ensure the newest version is taken into account.

Quality topics

We fixed several security findings: INS-1402, INS-1421, INS-1426 and INS-1452.

In addition, the migration towards pipeline processing continued within the three projects (INS-1438, INS-1441 and INS-1491).


  • INS-1191: UI: Combination of filter widget and optional parameter of query template now respects the “missing” parameter
  • INS-1274: Copy Device without Link information block works again
  • INS-1429: Downloads of input-history no longer lead to corrupt ZIP files
  • INS-1300: Data decoder: protoc tmp folder is getting cleaned up again
  • INS-1313: Pipeline processing: Sometimes exchange data holder turned invalid if the custom process failed
  • INS-1496: “Async” python example is now really working asynchronously. Downloadable via the documentation.
  • INS-1411: Documentation: Outdated link to Bosch IoT Things API documentation has been fixed
  • INS-1422: Database performance: The project config change stream now listens on primary instead of secondary
  • INS-1376: Device history is no longer empty if userId/userName is missing for an history entry

Small UI Improvements

  • INS-1089: Pipeline processing: Enable sorting of “List of pipelines” view table
  • INS-1359: Device Overview: Show the creation date of sub devices
  • INS-1295: Device property change dialog: Show value in Tooltip for Boolean