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Bosch IoT Insights: continuation of Access Control Extension and Raw Data Storage

Access Control Extension preparation

The preparation of the Access Control Extension feature for Bosch IoT Insights continues. In the last sprint, we prepared the planned migration from Bosch IoT Permissions to the CIAM User Hub, which was executed successfully during the announced maintenance window. To have everything ready for this first deployment, we refactored the invitation process and changed the design of the user management UI(INS-1011), refactored the user lookup for the device history feature (INS-1013), and updated the Suite Auth Clients with the project role scopes (INS-1041). The features will be deployed one by one in Q1 2021.

For projects with their own Bosch IoT Things instances: please keep in mind that the visibility of your devices is only given when you provide an OAuth client. All affected customers of paid plans have been informed last month.

Quality topics

We extended our internal monitoring and alerting to become aware of possible time lags between database instances (INS-971), fixed several security findings (INS-1393, INS-1403), and reworked the explore chapter of our documentation (INS-1375).

Raw Data Storage preparation

We continue to work on a cheaper way to save input data as raw storage. We are currently in the preparation phase. The implementation in all parts of the input chain has to be fulfilled until the integration tests can be executed. This feature is not yet visible to customers until we can deploy it.

Device Data Improvement (INS-1336)

If you are using the device feature without our device type feature, we have good news for you: you are now able to configure widgets with multiple device sources of things without device types.


  • INS-1263: UI Filter Widget Storage of Parameters can be disabled again
  • INS-1416: Action Button Widget is now executable by users with the role ‘user’
  • INS-1420: Calendar booking end date gets displayed correctly again in device view by full date booking
  • INS-1260 & INS-1414: Internal Bugs: Avoidable database requests are now prevented
  • INS-1376 & INS-1385: Methods of project purging are now working correctly again