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Bosch IoT Insights: device ID query template parameter and new data source “External Datasource”

Device ID query template parameter

As part of our Access Control Extension we extended the Query Template with a new parameter data type “Device” (INS-1346).
The new parameter type can be used to restrict a query search result, so that only device data is returns which the user is allowed to see.

Check our documentation for more details about Creating a query template.

New feature: extension of widget data source “External Datasource”

(INS-1867) A new Data Source has been introduced, which allows requesting information from external systems.
Power users, project managers and admins can define such a new data source.

The new data source can be used to request information from external systems and use it as input for the dashboard widgets.

Further changes and improvements

INS-1966: Disabled TLS 1.0 for all interfaces due security reasons


INS-27: Prevent the Conditional Action log to throw “Document too big” Exceptions

INS-49: Favicon not working in firefox

INS-1107: Save button is deactivated in some cases in the conditional actions view

INS-1292: Data Explorer: Last updated does not show correct date

INS-1360: Line Chart Legend does not respect y2 axis

INS-1362: Map-Widget draws a 0.0 datapoint even though that point does not exist in the data

INS-1471: User Management “Limit setting” not stored permanent

INS-1484: Enable Stop button when Pipeline is starting

INS-1677: Admin > Project > Footer Settings: New link overwrites the existing footer link

INS-1740: Device History UI missing labeling for History initilization

INS-1860: Splunk message for missing collection type ‘executables’

INS-1910: Device search in filter widget opens automatically on refresh

INS-1950: Replace custom step file effects all custom steps

INS-1982: Total count of Decoding Query History is wrong

INS-1987: DBC Decoder handles Signals with Label definitions in a invalid way

INS-2022: Download button in Input History does not work

INS-2042: Username in role-management is inconsistent (email, ciam-id, technical-user-name)

INS-2043: Labels for the Device Access Control Panel are incorrect

INS-2075: Inviting a user should correctly set roles

INS-2076: Device History details – Device Links should not break ugly

INS-2077: Device History details – Attachments should not flow into each other

INS-2078: Device Access Rights dialog shows wrong Access Right for a policy

INS-2079: Modifying a Device still needs POWER_USER role

INS-2092: The UI cannot display information blocks if deviceLinks entries sent via http on device-level are inconsistent