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Bosch IoT Insights: Direct remove option for booking events and further improvements

The new release of Bosch IoT Insights comes with the following improvements:

Remove option for booking events

We added an easier way to remove bookings from the calendar by placing a corresponding button inside of the booking details popover.

Update the datetime-picker component in all “table” filters

We replaced the old datetime-pickers in the Input History, the Processing Information, the Audit Log and the Conditional Actions with our new datetime-picker component.
With this, it is now possible to specify the hour and minute of a day and also to select the relative time ranges.

Processing event queue rare hang ups

In rare cases, a high reprocessing rate and a simultaneously high number of input documents may exceed a Mongo-internal limit (oplog-size).
For this rare scenario we implemented a failure handling behavior that ensures that every input document is processed anyway.

New mode “X-accepts_incomplete” for Mongo Query Service – support intelligent switching between synchronous and asynchronous

Our MongoDB Query API did support synchronous and asynchronous calls, but switching between those modes was done by the client manually.

With the new flag “X-accepts_incomplete” you can now start a query in synchronous mode and the backend will switch automatically to asynchronous mode, if the response takes longer then 2 seconds.

This improves the latency handling for fast queries especially in our UI, and also reduces the overhead for normal queries.
We also switched our own UI to use this mode, which did improve the loading of optimize dashboards by up to 70%.

See our Swagger API documentation for more information.

Further smaller improvements

Data Explorer and Data Analyzer – Its possible to stop a query if its in Queued State

Bugs we fixed

We also have addressed the following bugs and fixed them accordingly:

INS-3120 – Device attachment must be downloadable even if name was changed
INS-3420 – Index Hints do not work – UI ignores index directions in the Query Template
INS-3536 – Input Data Link in Data Browser does not show the linked document in Input History
INS-3639 – Data Explorer: Download of JSON and CSV does not work
INS-3411 – Pipeline DBS Parser throws Timeouts – Possible Memory Leak
INS-3465 – Allow multiple filter values does not work
INS-3638 – Broken Pagination Limit Selection in Data Browser
INS-3634 – Strange Pixels on Dashboards
INS-3479 – Open File link in Hyperlinks does not work