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Bosch IoT Insights: Drag’n Drop support for the Property Type “Selection” and more…

The new release of Bosch IoT Insights comes with the following improvements:

Drag & Drop support for the Property Type “Selection”

For the Devices Section, we have introduced new functionality to customize the order of predefined options for the Property Type “Selection”. A drag & drop icon has been introduced to easily move the predefined options.

The re-arranged order is considered any time the Property Type gets accessed i.e., in the Device Type Filter or the Device Details.

New editor for Rich Text Widget and Device block

Previously we used the Quill editor library for the Rich Text Widget and Device block – ‘Notes’, this was changed to now use the Slate library. There is a minor change in look and feel, but no customer action for the current widget/blocks is needed.

The new editor offers bigger flexibility and will allow us to deliver new functionalities and features very soon. Also, it ensures the security of the service to use well-maintained libraries.

Mandatory device type for calendar

We introduced a new booking type for devices. You can now mark a booking device as ‘bookable’, ‘mandatory’, or ‘not bookable’.

Mandatory devices need to be set in the bookings dialog and don’t follow the normal bookings rule as the defined booking status. These new options can be used for use cases, where you want to ensure that for example specific equipment is always also booked.

More dynamic filtering of the input history and processing information

We improved the filter possibilities of the Input History and the Processing Information a lot. The new approach works in a similar way as the Data Browser.

It’s now possible to freely define your filter definitions and combine them, in any way the user wants it to be. You can find more information in our documentation at

Possibility to give an API User a friendly name & description

We implemented the option for API technical users to be created with a custom username and description, as well as the ability to edit existing users and change the username and description.

This shall make it easier to describe and control what a technical user account is being used and give a better overview. The default behavior of creating users with a random username still exists though, when a username is not specified upon creation.

The new feature is documented in Creating an API user.

Queued Queries are shown in Dashboards

Users can now see additional information under the loading spinner of the widgets, so when the maximum amount of parallel UI read tickets of a project has been reached, a corresponding info message will appear. This shall help to identify performance bottlenecks, created by the project admin using restrictions via reading ticket limits.

Further minor improvements

  • The Data Browser should use ASYNC queries instead of SYNC queries, to prevent timeouts in case of long-running queries.
  • Error Handling for the data browser improved in case of unavailability of UI read tickets

Bugs we fixed

We also have addressed the following bugs and fixed them accordingly:

INS-3116 – Device type properties editor allows adding “name” property a seconds time in General information blocks
INS-3136 – Sender mail address should stay constant in conditional actions response mail
INS-3369 – Manage Information Blocks dialog cannot deal with unknown definitions
INS-3385 – Pipeline: Memory failures while (re-)processing of ZIP with a file size between 100kb-150kb
INS-3257 – Booking conflict is not working for BLOCKED bookings
INS-3397 – Drag and dropping calendar events that shouldn’t logically be allowed in the same time frame stick in the UI until you refresh
INS-3196 – Calendar Widget – selected user gets removed if a booking is saved too fast
INS-3445 – Calendar booking dialog doesn’t allow editing of events that overlap each other in a valid way
INS-3463 – Device History is broken
INS-3471 – Editing a pending invited user should not lead to an error