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Bosch IoT Insights: Embedding Dialogue Window and other further improvements

The new release of Bosch IoT Insights comes with the following improvements:

Embedding Dialogue Window

We introduced a new embedding dialogue for our dashboards. In the past the functionality was only available by using our API. Now, there exists a new Embed Button at each dashboard view. Henceforth, admin users can create dashboard embedding links in a more convenient way. For further information, please have a look at our documentation.


Embedding supports full screen mode

We have extended our embedding functionality to allow an embedded Bosch IoT Insights frame to be loaded in full screen mode by using the query parameter fullscreen=true.
For further information, please have a look at our documentation.

Bosch IoT Things instances are migrated from BIC to Azure

In our effort to migrate Bosch IoT Insights to the Azure hosting environment, all Free Plans instances of Bosch IoT Insights booked after March 1st 2022  use for device management, underneath a Bosch IoT Things Free Plan on Azure Netherlands.
Newly booked paid plans will follow this procedure soon.
Existing Bosch IoT Things subscriptions which are managed by Bosch IoT Insights will be migrated to Azure Europe in future.
This will be announced separately.


Input History: The filename on download is now the same as on upload

Often users want to have the same filename when downloading it as on upload, because the filename often contains relevant information.
We adjusted the logic, so that the filename on download is now the same as on upload.


Table Widget supports device images

With this change, the user of a Table Widget is able to create an image column, using one of the three different sources:

  • Device Image – in case of a device, a path to the image can be provided. Will fallback to the device type image if not found.
  • Base64 Image – a valid base 64 image string can be provided to display
  • URL Image – using a URL (also placeholders are supported)

You can also adjust the height/width of the image according to your needs.


“Pick-List” property type for devices

We introduced a new property type for device types called “selection“. This new property type allows selecting multiple values as well as defining custom value entries, if enabled. A single value selection already exists before and existing device type using this property type are migrated to the new, specific property type.

Booking a device directly from the device details page

We introduced a new way to create bookings for devices directly from the device details view. For this, we have added two new buttons, one located in the action bar, the other within the booking information block of a device.


White labeling will also be used for “Licenses”, “Cookies” and “More Settings”

To improve the navigation, the project context will be kept if you navigate to footer or header sites, as licenses, cookies, or user settings. These sites are still available without login. The improvement is that you still see the project navigation bar and the URL containing the project in case you have been logged in beforehand.


Further improvements

  • Redirect UI access from to
  • Dashboards – Optimize rendering performance of dashboards based on widget visibility
  • Make Query Templates project specific
  • MDF Decoder – CANOpen Date and Time should be supported
  • Disable sending of usage data for Free Plan
  • Device type tables use the new table component to match the new Bosch brand guide


Bugs fixed

We also have addressed the following bugs and fixed them accordingly:

INS-3137 – Project name send in conditional actions mail must match the used project
INS-3309 – Table Widget – JSON download behaves differently in comparison to CSV download
INS-3171 – CSV download not possible for DISTINCT queries
INS-3313 – If dashboard contains only Custom Role its not visible to the Project Admin anymore
INS-3382 – Filters with checkbox “i.e. Duplicate” cannot be saved
INS-3396 – Input History: Byte Size should not be shown with digits
INS-2779 – If a pipeline input data queue runs “full” and some input files do get “lost” / are never processed
INS-3338 – Pipeline step – python example not locally runnable with Python 3.9
INS-3145 – Calendar View Table – Linking to the Calendar Event is gone / missing
INS-3144 – Responsible is not available in the calendar table view
INS-3096 – Calendar booking data selection – Timezone usage incorrectly used during date selection
INS-3377 – Deleting old attachments does not work
INS-3303 – Calendar Widget not showing device-less events
INS-3306 – Calendar Widget: Query Parameters are deleted after clicking on (x)