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Bosch IoT Insights: improvement to device attachment management

We would like to inform you that we have updated the way that device attachments are managed in Bosch IoT Insights and that we have deprecated the old API endpoints used for device attachment management.

With the new change, the user is able to store attachments with dedicated access rights for a specific device. Now, a user must have READ access for a specific device in order to view or download associated attachments, or have WRITE access for the device in order to upload new attachments and rename or delete existing attachments. Updating device images now no longer requires MANAGE access, and can be done by users with WRITE access. Deleting a device also deletes all attachments associated with it.

All existing attachments will be migrated to follow the new attachment concept.

Technical hint: Previously, device attachments were stored in a separate collection, and each attachment could be used with multiple devices with the same name.

Further details on how to handle attachments: Attachments information block