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Bosch IoT Insights: Input History extension added via service update

A new service update for Bosch IoT Insights has been released (19.06).

Among others, the following feature has been added:

  • Input history extension
    You can select/filter for input history data (raw data) in your project space and download or delete it with one click/call.
    Please see the documentation for further details.
    See also the screenshot below:
Screenshot of the Bosch IoT Insights dashboard.
  • Upgrade UI to Angular 8
    Support of a new feature and ensuring stability.
    See also the Angular release notes.
  • API extension for the MongoDB explain functionality
    It is now possible to analyze queries via the API using the MongoDB explain functionality. A corresponding Web UI implementation will follow.
    See also the MongoDB documentation.

In addition, various minor bugs and improvements have been fixed/implemented:

  • SFDE-3074
    Data Browser / JSON View should show the milliseconds of a timestamp if they are there
  • SFDE-2798
    Freeplan users that don’t provide a label when booking, can’t reach their project
  • SFDE-3113
    Visualization of charts shows invalid labels
  • SFDE-2653
    Add a “Add Type” and “Add View” Button under Devices / Views
  • SFDE-2928
    Update Buildpack due to Upgrade to PCF 2.4