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Bosch IoT Insights: change in sub-processors (preliminary information)

We would like to inform you in advance about a planned change in our list of sub-processors starting Q4/2022.

With Microsoft Azure | Microsoft Azure Services Netherlands we will have a new sub-processor for cloud hosting, data processing, and data storage for Bosch IoT Insights. Data location will be Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

What does this mean for Bosch IoT Insights customers?

All subscriptions running on Bosch IoT Cloud Stuttgart (EU-2) are affected by this change. It will enhance our ability to deliver our service and provide new features to our customers, such as an online data archive.

The change in sub-processors will be fully handled by us, i.e. there will be no activities required on customer side and no downtimes to be expected by this.

Bosch IoT Insights: Data Processing Under Comission

According to §7.1 of our “Data Processing Under Commission Agreement”, we will inform our customers in due time before the actual migration date.

After timely receipt, customers may object to such a change. Any objection must be lodged within 14 days, and all reasons must be specified explicitly. If no objection is lodged within this time limit, consent to the involvement or replacement is deemed to have been given. If there is an important reason which cannot be eliminated by the provider by adjusting the assignment, the customer is granted an extraordinary right of termination. More information can be found here.

You can find the list of our current sub-processors here.