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Bosch IoT Insights – MongoDB driver update necessary for processing pipeline

We would like to inform you in advance about an upcoming update of our MongoDB clusters version 5 in Bosch IoT Insights by the end of March 2022.

Our goal is to always support the latest MongoDB version to have the latest features available such as time series collections.


If the MongoDB driver version is not updated, the connection to the database cannot be established.

Recommended Action

Your action is required. If you are using a MongoDB driver in the custom step of your processing pipeline, we recommend you to update your driver version to support MongoDB 5.x by the end of March 2022 by using the following driver versions:

Please note the following hints:

  • Java driver jars:

    Optional following when using driver classes that are no longer recommended:


    Note: Make sure that you have no dependencies to “old” jars.

  • Python driver defined in requirements.txt:
    • Sync driver: pymongo==3.12
    • Async driver: motor==2.5

To learn more about Bosch IoT Insights visit the documentation. In case of further questions please contact our support.