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Bosch IoT Insights: more processed-data collections

The new release of Bosch IoT Insights comes with the following improvements:

Processed data collections

We have now increased the number of processed-data collections you can add yourself with paid plans from 10 to 500. As a result, we had to make changes to the UI, in order to make that many collections manageable. So at each place where you have to select one of these collections, there is now a drop-down list with a search function.
For example, here in the data analyzer:

Enter the name or label of the collection to find it in the list:

Further improvements

  • Query history – Queries can now have more states than before, which are including the following: queued, finished, interrupted and expired. For more information about the states, please visit our User Guide (INS-2499)
  • Calendar widget – The calendar now uses our new device filter (INS-2563)
  • Action button – You can now define a URL trigger for action buttons that opens the desired page based on the returned response code (INS-2313)
  • Documentation – We have improved the documentation of the UI Backend API (INS-1103)
  • Table widget – The width is now the same for all columns, resulting in better readability (INS-2175)
  • Data sources – You can now use user context parameters for all data sources, not only for external ones.
  • Table widget – You can now set action buttons to the custom columns (INS-2204)

  • Widgets – You can now use up to five data sources per widget instead of three


We also have addressed the following bugs and fixed them accordingly:

  • INS-2529 – Filter widget parameter default value should be used in U
  • INS-2729 – Conditional Actions – Parameterized Mails do not work
  • INS-2452 – Editing / creating footer links text/URL/label should only change when saved when they are saved
  • INS-2646 – Fixed name validation on device creation. So you can now use Unicode characters for your device name
  • INS-2702 – A user invitation should not overwrite the roles of the accepting user, if he is already a member of the project
  • INS-2713 – Fixed two scrollbars in the custom column definition selection
  • INS-2723 – Creation of a linked device with backdating is now working again
  • INS-2846 – Creating multiple Widgets via UI Dashboard API in a row leads to lost update
  • INS-2843 – Booking Dialogue: No user was selectable, if you don’t have the admin project role
  • INS-2868 – The UI is now able to display all roles and not only the first 100
  • INS-2241 – The date-time picker now takes the selected time zone into account


Regarding the recent zero-day vulnerability in the log4j library, we have taken immediate actions to secure all our services. Further, we have also protected the processing pipelines as much as we can from our side. If you using log4j for yourself in a custom step, we still recommend that you keep the library up to date.