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Bosch IoT Insights: New data visualization available soon

Starting October 9, 2019 Bosch IoT Insights is available with a new charting and visualization framework (based on Plotly). All existing charts and widgets of the old version will be automatically migrated. After migration the old charting framework will be disabled. No negative effects or downtimes are to be expected. Project individual visualizations will remain unaffected.

In case of a chart output, the new widgets are based on Plotly. The other outputs like table, location, tour and tree will also be migrated based on the current implementation.

Charts might look slightly different after the migration. The configuration interface will change for all chart widgets.

The new chart widgets offer additional features like:

  • Multiple data sources (Query template or devices)
  • Multiple traces per chart
  • Higher customizability
  • Better performance for large data sets