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Bosch IoT Insights – New Grid Layout Manager and MongoDB Upgrade to 6.0

Introducing a new Layout Manager for Dashboards – Grid Layout

We are happy to announce the introduction of a new layout option for dashboards for you.
This new Layout manager allows free placement and rearrangement of widgets.

In order to use it, you have to create a new dashboard and set the Layout type to Grid
or you can also convert an existing dashboard to Grid by updating the configuration in the Admin Section.
Keep in mind that you can’t convert it back to Column Based once Grid layout is applied.

Example of a dashboard with the new Grid Layout.

To rearrange or change the size of the existing widgets, the button “Start Sorting” can be used. You can resize or use drag-and-drop to change the positions. When you are ready, “Finish Sorting” will apply your changes.

MongoDB Upgrade to 6.0.x

We have upgraded all MongoDB replicasets of our service to the version 6.0.x.
This update includes new aggregation commands as detailed in the release notes here.

We also recommend upgrading processing pipelines with custom code to the new driver version to fully utilize new features.
Further information you can find here.

The average execution time of a query templates

We now show the average execution time of query templates inside the data explorer, to provide users a indication about their usage and average timing.
This also includes a info message in case of query templates that are executed longer then 5sec, since those usually cause a UX problem for most usecases.

User-friendly file link support

File links are now supported on all places where a hyperlink can be inserted (e.g. . Richtext Widget, Table Widget, Link Panel Widget, etc..).
When a file link is clicked, a info dialog is shown with some helper explanation.
The user can then copy the link from the dialog through the “Copy” button.

This is introduces since all modern web browsers do not allow the direct usage of local file links due to security reason.

Calendar Widget Improvements

We made several improvements to the calendar widget:
Outlook calendar entries are now marked as “free” after accepting.
The booking dialogue now has a two-column layout to reduce the vertical space it takes up and displays the device details if they are available.
In addition, the size of the calendar header was reduced.

Further Improvements

  • Upgrade guava from 27.1-jre to 31.1-jre
  • Rich text widgets now support the output of arrays by putting each entry in a separate line
  • Device history data model improvement:
    multi-value properties are now stored as arrays; label definitions are not stored as they belong to the device type, not the device property


In this release, we have addressed and fixed the following bugs:

  • INS-5162 – Geofence feature was not enabled for all paid plans
  • INS-5193 – Misconfiguration of the Object Store Container postfix cause processing error
  • INS-4990 – MDF out of memory error – Memory consumption improvement
  • INS-5170 – Data sources and rest buttons send access tokens to 3rd party services
  • INS-5176 – Calendar widget doesn’t preselect the correct date in summer time
  • INS-5054 – Show a hint when internal collection is selected, but not based on the category
  • INS-5011 – Dynamic attributes – data visualization during editing is corrupt