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Bosch IoT Insights: New Read Ticket Management

We will activate the Read Ticket Management on July 26, 2022.

Bosch IoT Insights activates this new feature which was already introduced with the pay-as-you-go price model.

What is Read Ticket Management?

Read Ticket Management can be seen as a load balancing concept which ensures the stability of your database and prevents peak load scenarios that could potentially block your users. This feature gives you also the full control of your project’s performance.

We provide two kinds of read tickets:

  • UI read tickets
    Define how many query requests can be performed from UI side at the same time
  • API read tickets
    Define how many query requests can be performed from API side at the same time

Admin users can easily adjust the number of the read tickets in the Admin area of their project and steer the load distribution in Bosch IoT Insights. Specify any number of read tickets that allows your project to run smoothly and prevent your users from blocking each other.

Monitor your read tickets in the new Query History Chart to always have an overview of queued query times and queued read tickets. This helps you to detect possible bottlenecks and peaks and lets you decide whether you want to increase the number of read tickets. Have a look at our documentation for further details on the Query History Chart.

Please check the price model of your plan for the current conditions.

Find more information on how to configure and monitor read tickets in the Bosch IoT Insights documentation. If you have any questions contact us via support or our Microsoft Team Channel.