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Bosch IoT Insights: New service update available for July

Pipeline Processing: Reprocessing API available

Project Admins can now use our new reprocessing feature for pipeline processing projects. At the moment, this is only possible via an API call under Bosch IoT Insights Swagger UI. The UI integration is still ongoing and will be available via upcoming updates.

Our new reprocessing feature follows a new approach, where the reprocessing and normal ongoing processing are now mostly decoupled. Only the database is still used by both. This leads to several benefits:

  • Reprocessing is no longer blocking the normal processing
  • Users can keep track of the reprocessing job status
  • It’s possible to stop a running reprocessing job
  • It’s possible to rescale the performance of a reprocessing job

Pipeline processing: DBC parser step available

Under the UI pipeline Configuration, Project Admins can now specify a vector BDC as a parser step for pipelines. You can now easily define and use Vector DBC definitions in our processing pipeline to decode any CAN-Trace.
See this example:

DBC Parser Step Image

Decoder UI consolidation

The differentiation between decoder service and used decoders in the admin tab has been removed. Users can now specify everything regarding decoders in one place: Service -> Decoder.

Note: this tab is only visible for projects that are decoder-enabled (Standard plan or higher)

Query Template option to decide the database index

You can now specify the run-time setting of an index to design query templates. This advises the underlying database to use this index whenever possible, but cannot force it to. Thus, you can now influence the process of choosing an index and can make queries faster, especially when many almost similar indexes are defined.

Initial maximum zoom level for all MapBox widgets

Map widgets used in Bosch IoT Insights normally adjust the initial zoom level so that all points are visible.

In some cases, this meant that when only one point was given, the initial zoom level was way too high. To prevent this in the future, users can now define a maximum initial zoom level in every MapBox map widget. This functionality is not usable for leaflet maps, projects have to migrate to the newer MapBox maps if they want to use this functionality.

Clearer behavior of graph widgets when data is missing

The behavior of graph widgets regarding missing data has been reworked and is now more clear. This makes it easier for users to configure the widgets’ behavior according to their needs.