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Bosch IoT Insights: New service update available

New Data Table Widget configuration options

You can now configure the columns of the data tables in a Bosch IoT Insights dashboard – making it easy to select which data fields you would like to see in your table.

Screenshot of the Bosch IoT OInsights dashboard-

An additional option is coloring the table cell based on its value. Either display a cell with a static background color or define the color according to configurable ranges.

Columns can also contain a link, that uses placeholders, which are then replaced with the data.

Screenshot of the Bosch IoT Insights dashboard.

Unified decoder specifications management

In case your project is enabled to use decoder specifications, you will from now on find all your decoder specifications under Services → Decoder. The page Admin → Decoder has been removed.

We added new options when uploading a new decoder specification. If you are a project admin, you can now lock the decoder to be only removed by project admins. The expiration of the decoder specification is now optional.

Change of Bosch IoT Things automatic subscription behavior

When you book a new Bosch IoT Insights subscription, we automatically book a Bosch IoT Things free plan for you, which is connected to your Bosch IoT Insights project.

The Bosch IoT Things subscription is required to manage devices within Bosch IoT Insights.

In the past, we only created a new namespace within our Bosch IoT Things subscription.

In case you are using Bosch IoT Things more extensively, we recommend booking your own subscription and configuring the connection to Bosch IoT Insights with your new Bosch IoT Things subscription. For more information see: