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Bosch IoT Insights: New service update released

A new service update for Bosch IoT Insights has been released (19.05).

Among others, the following feature has been added:

  • White labeling of your project space
    You can now white label your project space. E.g.: Define your own logo, add your legal terms, remove the Bosch branding, …
    Please see the documentation for further details.

In addition, various minor bugs and improvements have been fixed/implemented:

  • SFDE-2657
    The rich text widget does not preserve white spaces
  • SFDE-2935
    MDF decoder should generate absolute time stamps instead of relative ones
  • SFDE-2956
    MDF decoder generate tree entries with dots in the name, which leads to storage problems
  • SFDE-2778
    MDF decoder should split generated measurement records into separate document to support very long records
  • SFDE-2976
    CSV download is broken in some cases
  • SFDE-2672
    In some cases user invitation fails due to an internal error