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Bosch IoT Insights – New Style for dialogs and further improvements

New Style for dialogs

We have made some updates to the style of our dialogs.The new style applies to all dialogs in our service, such as when adding users or devices, creating a collection, and in many other places.


Billing for Mails and SMS

All mails and SMS messages sent by a project will be charged to provide better and more reliable services to our users. In addition, we have added a new feature that displays the amount of SMS and mails per month in the Project Stats Widget. This will help users to manage their costs more effectively and provide greater transparency.

Disable Button or Link in Table and Action Button Widgets

More possibilities have been added to the request option in the table widget, and in the action button widget. The user can enter a placeholder containing the HTTPS-protocol and select a condition to disable the button or link.

Configurable Device Details in Calendar Timeline view by user

We have made an improvement to our Calendar Timeline view. Users can now configure the device details displayed in the timeline view. By default, the timeline view displays device details, which the admin has defined before. With this update, users can now choose to show or hide specific device details according to their preferences. This will allow users to better tailor the timeline view to their needs, and make it easier to manage their devices.

Free Plan device limitation
Since our Free Plan only allows up to 10 devices, we now show a proper recommendation dialog when the limit is reached.


In this release, we have addressed and fixed the following bugs:

  • INS-4928 – Using Calendar widget inside a tab widget no longer throws an error message
  • INS-5051 – The input label areas are now clickable again
  • INS-5105 – The Action Button widget is now definable through a placeholder
  • INS-5267 – The displaying of the popover filter is fixed
  • INS-5280 – After widgets are loaded, the view now stay at the top of the page
  • INS-5029 – When using a URL with parameters in Data Explorer, the corresponding parameters are now set in the UI
  • INS-4790 – Rolling Restart of Kubernetes works now as expected
  • INS-5203 – Parsing Thing-IDs by our standard parser works now
  • INS-5260 – Device image feature does show now images correctly after replacing an image