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Bosch IoT Insights: New widget preview and support of Google protocol buffers decoding

A new service update for Bosch IoT Insights has been released (19.08).

Among others, the following features have been added:

  • Update of all database clusters to MongoDB 4.0.10
    You can now use all new functions and features available by MongoDB 4.0. See also the MongoDB 4.0 release notes.
  • Support of Google protocol buffers decoding
    You can now use Google protocol buffer definitions to decode binary messages.
  • New widget preview
    For a better user experience we refactored the widget preview.


In addition, various minor bugs and improvements have been fixed/implemented:

  • SFDE-3031
    Improved data browser pagination performance for high page sizes
  • SFDE-3024
    Angular CDK update to fix drag and drop support in Firefox
  • SFDE-2462
    Conditional action service cannot forward a whole document
  • SFDE-3187
    Project management service cannot handle composed Ids