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Bosch IoT Insights – Now fully hosted on Microsoft Azure Frankfurt

We are happy to announce that we successfully finished the migrating of the Bosch IoT Insights service to Microsoft Azure Germany (Frankfurt).

The migration was already finalized on December 12th, 2022.

We are also happy to announce the first benefits out of this migrations for all our customers:

  1. We now support HTTP 2.0 for in- and outgoing traffic.
    This significantly increases the performance of high frequent requests and reduces latency.
    The benefit of this can already been seen in out UI, were all pages now have a better loading time.
  2. Improved database scalability.
    The service is now able to scale underlying database clusters in faster manner to react on customer demands.
  3. Support of TLS1.3 to increase the security level of our service for all users.

If you have questions regarding the migration, please feel free to directly contact us.

Your Bosch IoT Insights Team