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Bosch IoT Insights: preparations for new price model and pay-as-you-go

New price model

Pay-as-you-go plan

The final preparations were made to trigger the rollout of the new so called “pay-as-you-go” pricing.

  • Booking of pipeline feature is possible (INS-2427)


The final preparations for the new price model are done.

  • Read ticket limit is set for existing projects (INS-2429)
  • Pricing of legacy custom processors is included in new price model (INS-2435)
  • Free plans include now 200Mb processed data and 200Mb raw data (INS-2437)

Go live

We have done all technical needed preparations for the new price model. Now we are in the final stages of making it live and updating all relevant legal documents, marketplaces and public information.

Further improvements

  • Query History – Type of query is shown (INS-2534)


In addition we have applied the following fixes to the service:

INS-2322     Map Widget refresh should no longer erase device selection

INS-2653     Things/Devices should be hidden for users without allowed role

INS-2666     After downloading a Query Result it does not switch state to FINISHED

INS-2683     After deleting a device it should also delete its policy

INS-2308     Link to processed data (in “Processing Information”) does not url-encode query-parameters and breaks for special characters