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Bosch IoT Insights – Processed data retention times and more

Retention Time Management now includes Processed Data collections

In the past, we already introduced the retention time management for other collection types.

Now, you can also set the retention time for Processed Data collections, including a customizable time property path.
For further information see

Action Button Widget with better handling for missing data source

The Action Button Widget will now show a disabled state when the data source returned an error e.g. because the data could not be retrieved.
This way, the user will not get confused, why a button does not provide any reaction

Autocompletion for Calendar Booking confirmation E-Mails

The calendar booking creation dialog (confirmation E-Mails) now support autocompletion.
When you start typing, you will see the filtered suggestions based on your input.
The results shown are limited to 10 entries to reduce graphical overload.

Dragging for Calendar Widget bookings

It is now possible to increase or decrease booking duration via drag&drop.

booking duration resizing

New lazy-loading option for Widgets

Widgets now have the option to be lazy loaded.
When lazy loading is enabled, the widget will only start loading, when it gets visible on screen.
Using this can increase performance and reduce the amount of read tickets required for a dashboard. Especially for dashboard with many widgets this can be a useful option.

The option for enabling and disabling lazy loading has been added in the widget configuration under “General Settings”.
By default, all the newly created widgets will have the option enabled. Existing widgets will be unaffected to sustain backward compatibility.

Widget now has a lazy loading option

Free Plan user limitation

Since our Free Plan only allows up to 10 users, we now show a proper warning dialog when the limit has been reached.
This prevents confusion on user side, and explains why no more users can be added to the subscription.


  • INS-4556 – The pagination in the Processing Information View should show the correct amount of pages
  • INS-5011 – Dynamic Device attributes should be correctly editable
  • INS-5045 – The Collection Selector should show the correct hint when an internal collection is selected
  • INS-5114 – Changed timezone should also be set, even when refreshing the browser
  • INS-5117 – In the Device Overview, linked Devices should now correctly show up, even when no filter is set
  • INS-5152 – Signal chart should handle empty data points correctly
  • INS-5176 – Calendar widget should correctly pre-select the correct date when in summer time
  • INS-5215 – Filter Widget should correctly clip longer text input values
  • INS-5247 – Java processes should correctly receive additional memory when configured by users