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Bosch IoT Insights: Processing Pipeline now supports conditional actions

The Processing Pipeline now performs the conditional action check during the output step

It is now possible to use the conditional action feature for processing pipelines. As before, users can configure the conditional actions under Services -> Conditional Action. The check if the data meets a condition is performed in the Output and iTrams Output step.

For all projects that are saving during the custom step, it is not possible to perform this check unless you send the data in addition to the output step.

To activate this feature, the pipeline version of your processing pipeline has to be higher than 1.53.0. You can check this in the app console by starting the processor (see picture below). If you see an older version number, please contact our support team.


Prevent Thing properties which contain invalid characters

Bosch IoT Things, which can be accessed in Bosch IoT Insights via the “Devices” tab, comes with character restrictions regarding the things and policy id. Therefore, the Insights UI now prevents the user from typing in these invalid characters.

Minor Updates

  • CML Upload app improved crash prevention
  • Translation in the Playback widget has been fixed
  • Various Pipeline Processing iTrams Parser improvements
  • Label-value order consistency improved in the UI
  • Migration of location widget from Leaflet to Mapbox
  • Versions 9 and following of the insights-step-maven plugin are now accessible