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Bosch IoT Insights: Role Management UI & Content Preview

New Role Management UI

(INS-1356) A new Role Management UI has been introduced that allows a project admin to create new custom roles within a project. Project managers and admins can assign users to these custom roles.

The roles can then be used in various features throughout Bosch IoT Insights to only allow read or write access to certain resources of a project.

Example: Create a role for each country and only allow users from country “A” to access a device.

Check our documentation for more details about Role Management.

Input History Content Preview

(INS-1959) The Input History has been extended with a new content preview. It enables users to see a preview for certain content types. This includes images and text based content types like JSON and CSV.

A click on the preview button on an input history entry activates the preview mode, which shows a preview on the right side and the table of input files on the left.

Have a look at our documentation for more detail about the Input History.

Further Improvements

  • INS-1370: For projects that already use the new Object Storage feature, the raw data size is correctly displayed in the Project Stats Widget and the DB Stats page
  • INS-1607: Project deletion process has been unified between paid and free plans
  • INS-1953: Updated UI styles to base them on the Bosch widely used Frontend Kit
  • INS-1977: Renamed technical user with API user in API documentation


  • INS-1257: Fixed duplicate entries in the Device History for the same revision
  • INS-1271: Fixed table widget loading of device data
  • INS-1367: Fixed not started pipeline gets automatically started on RAM/Instance change
  • INS-1543: Fixed race condition with parallel access to multiple projects and their Things API
  • INS-1732: Fixed cases of wrong technical user credentials
  • INS-1912: Fixed clicking on a sender in the input history does not filter for the user
  • INS-1923: Fixed large input history was no loadable