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Bosch IoT Insights: stabilization of our service & raw data storage preparation continue

Raw data storage preparation

We continue to work on enabling users to upload files of up to 50 Gb. This feature is still in a beta test phase.

With this release customers now get the possibility to decide if large files are directly loaded into the RAM of the pipeline or not.

Which enables the user to use data streaming to process multiple large files at once.

Further improvements

  • INS-2046: Reduce redirects on login
  • INS-2085: Improve performance of some query templates
  • INS-2088: Optimization of parallel requests from Dashboards


  • INS-105: Long device attribute content not shown correct in UI
  • INS-369: History change blocks do not show custom labels
  • INS-510: Drag and drop of attachments is not disabled in history entries
  • INS-742: Conditional actions stores unwanted SMS action
  • INS-1264: Healing mechanism not working for linking event to parent without further children
  • INS-1379: Pipeline – Select Parser DropDown is disabled
  • INS-1723: Two active Pipeline Versions
  • INS-1886: Date Range Filter in Query History does not work
  • INS-1948: Pipeline View only accessible for ADMIN role
  • INS-2023: Download button in Input History Detail View: Whitelabel Error for type mf4
  • INS-2089: Device History: modify-events are shown as THING_CREATED events
  • INS-2093: Inconsistent deviceLinks-information-block causes NPE in backend
  • INS-2115: Post Endpoint from Data Recorder is missing in SwaggerUI
  • INS-2126: No duplicate fields allowed in UI query editor
  • INS-2135: Index in “Template Advanced Settings” is not updated when changing the collection
  • INS-2141: Device Attachements should be downloadable for role USER