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Bosch IoT Insights: Table Widget with Rich Text column

The latest version of Bosch IoT Insights comes with various improvements.

Rich Text column support for Table Widget

The Table widget now support rich text editor column type when defining a custom column definition.
All the features available for the editor are also available here: styling, linking, inserting images, and more.
References to data source are also supported and can be inserted by using the ${path} syntax.

Table Widget with Rich Text column

Legal regulations update

Project administrators are obliged to provide their company’s legal obligations. These can be configured in the Project Footer Settings by linking the Bosch IoT Insights Dashboard, or by providing an URL.

Calendar Widget – Linking to a device details page which is type specific

The Calendar Widget has been extended and now includes clickable Device Name Links which route to the dedicated Details Page of the clicked device.
The device’s details can now be directly accessed from the following places:

  • Device Listing in the Timeline View
  • Booked and mandatory Devices in the Booking Details Popover

You may also define Custom Device Details Links in the calendar widget configuration settings. Custom links can be defined per device type and/or using a default device link. If no device type has been defined, the default link will be used for every device.

Calendar Widget - Linking Improvement

Hide and hover widget actions

The General Functions icons below the widgets are now hidden by default.
However, they appear when you hover the mouse on the respective widget.
This ensures that the charts get the most prominent part of the dashboards.

Calendar widget – separate filter for mandatory devices

We introduced the possibility to restrict the mandatory devices selection by having a filter for each of the mandatory device types within the Calendar Widget configuration. For further information, please have a look at our documentation.

Further improvements

  • Gateway whitelistedRedirectUris should allow dynamic paths
  • Implementation of consent API

Bugs fixed

We also have addressed the following bugs and fixed them accordingly:

INS-3531 – Wrong URL called in Table Widget Action Button after sorting or filtering
INS-3534 – Filter widget doesn’t work in calendar widget timeline view
INS-3561 – Bootstrap database fails on all projects
INS-3308 – Query Template – Invalid error handling in case of missing device parameter
INS-3500 – User Management – Searching should also work with pagination
INS-3557 – ‘Cursor’ not valid error in devices linking dialog
INS-3562 – Data Browser should show the data of the selected collection
INS-3333 – Action button: Response JSON is not shown
INS-3378 – MIME Type is now shown during Upload
INS-3451 – Display issue of device icons in calendar timeline view
INS-3466 – Checkbox value changes wen expanding other filters in editor mode
INS-3472 – Action Button: HTTP headers not usable
INS-3481 – CSV Export for images/action buttons not returning a meaningful value
INS-3482 – Calendar Widget throws an exception in the console if there is no devices for mandatory device type
INS-3526 – Calendar/Filter Widget | join Feature not working