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Bosch IoT Insights: technical maintenance and various improvements

Technical maintenance – spring migration (INS-580)

The main goal was to update outdated dependencies, which had the side effect that the UI & backend on average now answer 30% faster in terms of latency.

Pipeline Processing general availability (INS-1081 & INS-952)

We removed the “beta” flag from the pipeline processing feature of Bosch IoT Insights, as it now covers all major features from the custom processor we used before. Therefore, we can now announce the general availability of the feature. Also, the first heavy use customer migrated with a premium plan towards pipeline processing.

Several improvements for the devices tab (INS-1063 & INS-1064 & INS-1124 & INS-1125 & INS-1126)

When copying a device that has a device linked to it, it is now possible to also copy the device link. Regarding device representation, users can now insert line breaks in the device properties, which will then be displayed as expected. Furthermore, the feature name gets displayed in case that no feature definition is defined in the device type.


Devices as data source: When using a widget, it is now possible to filter for all devices without datatype and perform other queries on “all devices”. In addition, we implemented a new functionality to count devices with and without filters. See also the related Bosch IoT Things HTTP API.device_changes_image


Action Button widget (INS-823)

The newly introduced Action Button widget for paid plans allows you to execute http requests at the click of a button inside of Views. The https methods “get”, “put”, “post”, “delete” are supported as well as raw and form data and Insights documents. Please keep in mind that the remote address has to be whitelisted, which is currently only possible by support request.


Extension of the Data Table widget (INS-91)

The Data Table widget has been extended by the “Custom Column Definition”. Thus, users are able to choose what kind of data should be displayed and can define this either as a simple JSON property or a hyperlink.


A “styling” UI component addresses various widget styling use cases (INS-573)

We introduced a new color range styling element, which allows you to customize the representation more precisely – either by defining static coloring or using color ranges.


UI – jump from a widget data point directly to the corresponding data document or detail view (INS-735)

You can now enter hyperlinks into the scatter chart as tool tips. These can be used to jump to the corresponding data or data source.


Multiple tours in the Tour widget (INS-807)

The new option “Tour-End-Event” was added to tour map settings. This allows users to show multiple tours in one widget.



Option to number markers in the Location widget (INS-808)

We provided the location map widget settings with a new field called “Auto-Numerate Markers”. Thus, you can add numbers automatically to the markers displayed on the map and legend.



Improved zoom mode for charts (INS-820)

You can now define multiple new zoom modes in the Chart widget. They allow you to define which axis should be zoomable in the resulting chart.



  • INS-632: Pipeline is using the wrong disk size amount at start
  • INS-909: Line Charts sometimes show two X-Axises instead of X and Y
  • INS-969: Query History does not start loading accordingly on first call
  • INS-1054: Service Broker DuplicateKeyException mongodb update
  • INS-1065: Extract Service Binding should use new CloudFoundry API
  • INS-1078: Longterm Calendar Booking is not displayed
  • INS-1086: MDF Decoder does not check for compatibility
  • INS-1093: Parser Step does only work as first step of pipeline
  • INS-1133: Error on Show Query button click
  • INS-1138: Gateway adds authorization header to permissions request also if not needed
  • INS-1146: iTrams – the timebucket selection does not use the selected value
  • INS-1152: Http data recorder now accepts files over 10MB
  • INS-966: Processing Information prevented browser crash


  • INS-622: Additional option for Conditional Action to reduce logging size
  • INS-1202&INS-1036: First implementations in preparation of the migration towards suite auth