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Bosch IoT Insights: Time Series Preparation, Widget Updates and more

Preparation of time series functionality

We continue our work of the integration of the Time Series Functionality into Bosch IoT Insights and treat this still in a closed ALPHA Test phase. Reach out our if you are interested. 

We introduced the possibility to create a time series collection on the database via an UI dialog using the new subtype “Time Series” of processed data.
By selecting such a output collection the parser gets automatically adjusted to use the flat design without our known schema of metaData and processedData as you can see in the example screenshots.
The integral step by creating a time series collection is to define the time field, as only data that contains this field can be stored.
All data without this will not be processed by the corresponding pipeline. Also, the “meta” field is important as it is used to define the resulting buckets in the underlaying database structure and gain the performance increase we want to reach with this feature. Please be aware that the “meta” field cannot be changed after the creation!  

So far known limitations of this collections which will be addressed in the further test/beta phase are:

  • the from vendor missing possibility to delete time series data is blocking the normal deletion and
  • to make sure to use the buckets/meta field correct we will introduce default templates for such collections.

Since this feature is in early stages of development, it is not yet visible for customers and will be rolled out all at once, when all necessary parts are available.

ICS File in Booking Mail

The emails for newly, changed or deleted booking events will now contain a corresponding ICS,
so that the user can import the booking into their calendar in their local time zone.

Updated Design of the Filter Widget

We reworked the design of our Filter Widget to improve the overall experience.
The new design gets rid of the large popup where all filters are shown at once. Instead it shows each filter in its own.
We hope that users will find adding and configuring filters easier, more useful and less confusing. 

Global Filter for Table Widget

A new global filter for the table widget was introduced.
The filter can be enabled from the widget configuration and its role is to search over all visible table columns.

If a column filter is also applied, the global filtering will be executed before the column specific filters.


Table Widget Fixed Height with Fixed Table Header

Users are now able to configure the amount of table rows that they would like to be visible in the table settings panel when editing a table through the new “maximum visible rows” field.
The table will grow and shrink accordingly with a scrollbar, so that if you not want a particular table to span the whole page, you will be able to do that.

Enable Placeholder for Filter Input in Multiple Devices Data Source

The Multiple Devices data source available in some of the widgets now supports placeholders as part of the filter query.
Now you can use the filter parameters or user context placeholders in the query, i.e.,
eq(attributes/type,”${filterParams.deviceType}”), eq(attributes/type,”${}”) 

Further Improvements

The following improvements are also part of this release:

INS-3421 Whitelabeling – Preload the project specific branding to prevent flickering

Bug Fixes

In this release we have addressed and fixed the following bugs:

INS-4019 History overview pagination should reset when accessed from the device mgmt

INS-4184 Response for Count Query is not visualized

INS-3936 History data should be shown when multiple devices is chosen as a data source

INS-4256 Table Filter does not work properly in some cases

INS-4321 Rich text widget links should support UI navigation

INS-4325 CML upstream not work with azure object storage

INS-4142 Routing to http resources should not be possible

INS-3470 A Custom Step file should not be deleted if used in another Custom Step

System Stabilization and Updates

In this release we have done the following tasks to stabilize and update our System:

INS-4062 Update Angular to 14.x.x

INS-4215 Nexus IQ/Update org.yaml : snakeyaml : to 1.31