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Bosch IoT Insights: Update to IP filter necessary

As announced we are currently migrating the Bosch IoT Insights service to Microsoft Azure Germany (Frankfurt).

This announcement addresses customers, that use IP filtering to protect their servers and which receive or send HTTP requests from/to Bosch IoT Insights.
If no such measures are in place, then there is nothing to do on customer side.

Today and this week, we’re transferring the components, which are responsible to

  • execute the HTTP request behind the Action Button widgets
  • query HTTP data sources for widgets
  • execute Conditional Action REST actions

Also affected are custom step implementations communicating with other servers.

To allow Bosch IoT Insights to continue communicating with your servers, include the following IP range to the inbound accept list of your filtering:


That are the following IP addresses: –


For those, that filter outgoing requests from their servers:

The domain name is also going to resolve to a new IP address in the next couple of days:

Add this IP to your outbound accept list, if necessary.


The Azure migration will be finalized until end of 2022. We do not expect any downtime for incoming or outgoing HTTP traffic.