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Bosch IoT Insights: Widget Improvements, more Options, Improvements for Edge Cases and more

CSV-Export for all chart widgets

For more flexibility for our customers, all chart widgets now offer an option to download the displayed data both as JSON and CSV files. Use the Download Button underneath the Widget to download the desired content.

Remark: The CSV Export will respect the content displayed in the chart. Only data visible will be exported. For example, disabled lines or hidden data points will be ignored.


Furthermore, several options are available once you click on CSV.
We provide two default formats. The RFC 4180 CSV Standard and the Excel DE German Format.
If necessary, as a user, you can select the format and choose from many customizing options:


Extend the device deletion with a purge option

Currently, removing the device only deletes the device, not the device history of it.
The new purge option will delete the device as well as the device history and all device links.

Remark: This action cannot be reverted. No restore of the device is possible. Use this option with care.



Improvement of loading behavior for the map widget

Unfortunately, the map might not load correctly in some bad network situations (low bandwidth or company proxy).
Consequently, we implemented a retry logic to make sure that the map gets loaded as far as possible.
Furthermore, we now display an error message if the map content still could not be loaded after 10 seconds and all retry attempts.

Calendar widget: advanced search and a different color for weekends

A user is able to display and define custom device details in the calendar.
For more consistency, we extended the filtering option to also respect those device details if the user has checked the corresponding box.

Additionally, we changed the background color for Saturdays and Sundays,
so that it is easily possible to distinguish them from the usual days at a glance.


Richtext widget extension – Possibility to define an optional tooltip for links.

Sometimes, a link without a description might be confusing for some users.
Therefore, we now provide the option to add a tooltip for links in our rich text widget.


OAuth 2.0 support for conditional actions

In order to extend the possibilities of the REST requests in the conditional actions, we introduced a new authentication method.
In addition to the Basic Auth(Username + Password), the user can now use the OAuth 2.0 flow for authentication.
A new configuration dialog with details for this flow is now available.

User management extension – Last seen of a user

We extended the user overview table in the Admin section by the “lastSeen” attribute,
i.e. the date when the user last logged in.

This new attribute is available for normal and technical users and it is also possible to filter for this attribute.

Bug Fixes

In this release, we have addressed and fixed the following bugs:

INS-4379 Table Widget edit mode: Line brake does not work when using long URLs in rich text columns

INS-4378 Table Widget: Iterator should work in the custom column “rich text”

INS-3880 Conditional actions (only REST request forwarding and labeling) during reprocessing should work

INS-4387 Query Info does not work for FIND, DISTINCT or COUNT

INS-4242 Template Float parameter “-” must be hit twice to work

INS-4245 A new collection is only selectable after creating a new one in the pipeline output

INS-4134 Default Parser creates garbage documents while processing images