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Bosch IoT Insights: Widget updates, Database improvements and Time Series preparation

The latest version of Bosch IoT Insights comes with various improvements.

Scatter chart now support ‘discrete’ signals / steps

The Scatter chart was extended to support ‘discrete’ signals / steps. Related to this, the following options were added/updated:

  • A new “Shape” option that determines the line shape – linear(default), spline and step-wise line shapes.
  • Also a new option “Fill” is available to highlight the area. Default value is none.
  • “Display mode” is extended with option “None” – which will hide the actual line and only show the filled area.

Scatter Chart now supports discrete signals / steps

Table Widget Filters: Multi value selection

New filter logic for columns with up to 25 unique values. Until now the only filter option was by conditions like ‘contains’ which are now only presented if there are more than 25 unique values in a column. For up to 25 unique values you get the multi-selection field populated with these values, so that you can directly select the values you are looking for.

Table Widget allows selection if no more than 25 distinct values are in a column

Calendar – Multiple mail recipients

With this release a calendar event can have multiple recipients for confirmation E-Mails. Until now there was only a owner and one confirmation E-Mail recipient possible. This was changed so that several E-Mail addresses can be added in the Confirmation E-Mail Addresses field. For privacy reasons E-Mails are send individually to each recipient.

Multiple recipients for a calendar event are possible

Query Templates now support FIND, COUNT, DISTINCT operators

In addition to aggregation which is already supported by Query Templates we implemented find, distinct and count as options in the Template Definition.
Dependent on your use case this operators provide a more performant and easier way to solve them.
With these additional operations Query Templates now offer the same query options as the Data Analyzer.

Query Options including find, count and distinct

Reduce impact of MongoDB Replication lags

We identified places where something was written into the Database and extracted short time afterwards in our UI.
Because of the replication between different MongoDB nodes configurations such as dashboards did show older states then from the user expected.
To prevent this behavior we optimized the read behavior to access those information directly from the same node.
Still the general concept of mongoDB can in some unexpected cases still cause lags, for further details see the distributed node concept on MongoDB.

Preparation of time series functionality

To prepare the integration of the Time Series Functionality we are adapting several places in Bosch IoT Insights and gather experience in closed ALPHA Test phase. In the past two sprints we introduced the possibility to define a corresponding collection type so time series process data collections can be created.
As a next step we will work on the ability to save data to this new collection type.
Since this feature is in early stages of development, it is not yet visible for customers and will be rolled out all at once, when all necessary parts are available.

Further improvements

The following improvements are also part of this release:

  • ReadTicket Management – Added UI-icons for new states POLLING_TIMEOUT and DOWNLOADING
  • Tour Map Widget: Now a tour is shown even if only one GPS point is available (shown as a point/dot)
  • We implemented the support to allow connection to the INT Stage subscriptions of the IoT Suite
  • Calendar Widget
    • Replaced the table component with a new implementation concept
    • Project Admins can now restore deleted booking events via an API call
    • Local storage concept for widget settings was optimized
  • Processing Pipeline – Improvement of UI environmental variable handling
  • Signals Widget can now be combined with other charts
  • Update of the base MongoDB driver to improve performance

Bugs fixed

In this release we have addressed and fixed the following bugs:

INS-3326: Audit log in Project related APIs fixed
INS-3461: Action Button Widget now shows OK if used to send data to the Insights Data Recorder instead of 209
INS-3697: Device History: Notes Blocks are tracked again
INS-3894: Widgets use own default value if linked filter widget value is invalid
INS-3942: Query Request Info in Data Browser and Data Analyzer shows the query again
INS-3968: Query History – Overall Execution Time is no longer doubled for “Terminated”, “No Ticket”, “Polling Timeout” Queries
INS-3981: UI error messages after login for some users happen no longer
INS-3636: Placeholder chips in richtext editor now editable
INS-3640: Pagination of Custom Step selection now show the correct custom steps
INS-3892: Calendar Widget: select date via date picker jumps to the correct position
INS-3918: Document handling in the consent process improved
INS-3966: Improved communication error-message handling
INS-3971: Fixed loading animation while deleting a file
INS-3998: Fixed thing history handling
INS-3528: Device History – Show what was changed
INS-3724: Mongo Query execution errors are shown incorrectly
INS-3943: Pipeline handling improved
INS-3964: Device Details Widget – edit notes now working
INS-4004: Optimized Signal chart config value storage
INS-4037: Deleted Calendar Bookings no longer preventing New Booking Creation