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Bosch IoT Rollouts 2.2.1

The new release of Bosch IoT Rollouts comes with the following improvements:

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Migration to Spring Boot 3 and dependencies bump to latest stable.
  • Patched Legacy UI Application. 
  • User Management improvements.
  • Infrastructure improvements.
  • Fixed issue with DMF Consumers.

New Features

  • Extend DMF API to support “offline updates”.
  • API to retrieve “confirmation required” flag when getting a Rollout.
  • SoftwareModule & DistributionSet lock – once locked, modifications are forbidden. 
  • Expose externalRef in Rest API. 
  • Added experimental support for Dynamic Rollout. 

Notes on major changes

Distribution Set & Software Modules Locking 

Key points to note:

1. The functional parts of the Distribution Set (DS) and Software Module (SM) (software modules and artifacts respectively) cannot be changed once they are locked.

2. Locking a DS implicitly locks its software modules.

3. Assigning a DS to a target manually, through auto-assignment, or via rollouts will also lock it implicitly.

4. The DS/SM can be explicitly locked using the REST API (updating DS/SM with “locked” flag true, soon available in the new UI only).

5. The DS/SM can be unlocked using the REST API (updating DS/SM with “locked” flag false, soon available in the new UI only).

6. There are two ways to disable implicit locking:

  • On the tenant level, by setting “implicit.lock.enabled” to false using the Tenant Configuration REST API (soon available in the new UI only).
  • On the DS level, by creating a DS tag with the name “skip-implicit-lock”, “skip_implicit_lock”, “SKIP_IMPLICIT_LOCK”, or “SKIP-IMPLICIT-LOCK”. The DS tagged with this will not be implicitly locked.

Trailing Slashes not supported as part of Spring Boot 3 migration 

Because of Spring Boot 3 migration the trailing slashes are not supported anymore. See Spring MVC and WebFlux URL Matching Changes.