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Bosch IoT Rollouts: New Bosch IoT Rollouts UI

The new Bosch IoT Rollouts UI is now released and its beta phase has ended. It is integrated as part of the Bosch IoT Suite UI, so that you can manage your rollouts, organization and all your subscriptions in the same UI. The new Bosch IoT Rollouts UI consists of five UI features corresponding to the core use cases. You will find them in “Services and features” where you can pin them to the menu with a click on each star.

The UI features of the new Bosch IoT Rollouts UI are:

Software modules

  • Create and manage software modules
  • Upload and manage software artifacts
  • Annotate software modules with metadata

Distribution sets

  • Create and manage distribution sets
  • Assign software modules to a distribution set


  • List and filter devices/targets
  • Create custom target filters by defining filter queries
    For example a query to select targets based on their controller attributes


  • Perform software updates with rollout campaigns
  • Create new rollouts through a wizard and structure them in rollout groups using auto-splitting
  • Manage rollouts: start, pause, trigger next group, delete
  • Overview of all rollouts and view rollout status and progress
  • Monitor the state and progress of а specific rollout
  • Track the progress in the rollout groups


  • View the actions which are performed on the specific targets
  • Filter the actions list
  • Navigate from a distribution set, a rollout or a target to the related actions
  • View the action status and history
  • Troubleshooting

A more detailed description of the new UI can be found in the Bosch IoT Rollouts user documentation.

For some time, the old Bosch IoT Rollouts UI will remain available via the renamed UI feature “Rollouts (Classic)”, to allow a soft change. During this time, the new Bosch IoT Rollouts UI will be extended and more features will be added. Finally, when the new UI is feature complete, the old UI will be shut down.