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Bosch IoT Rollouts: Release 1.18

The new release of Bosch IoT Rollouts – also part of Bosch IoT Device Management – comes with the following improvements:

Action Status Codes

This new feature enables devices to optionally include a status code into their action status feedback messages that are sent to Bosch IoT Rollouts. The feature is supported via DDI and DMF. Annotating action status entries with status code simplifies the troubleshooting of software updates, e.g. by detecting error clusters matching a specific status code.

Enhanced List Sorting

Various lists which are displayed in the different views of the Management UI can be sorted now by using the sorting controls that are exposed via the table columns. This is in particular useful for lists displaying many items. For example, a user might want to sort the targets of a rollout group based on their software update status to bring those targets with status ‘Error’ to the top of the list.

New Features

  • [MECS-17568] – Introduce action status codes
  • [MECS-17487] – Management UI: Enhanced list sorting based on table columns (ascending or descending)
  • [MECS-17494] – Management UI: Provide target quicklinks from target listings in Rollout and Target Filters view back to Deployment view


  • [MECS-17284] – Management UI: Make target type table expandable
  • [MECS-17619] – Extend SIE API to notify about pending confirmations

See our detailed release notes for more information. In case of further questions please contact us via support.