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Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication: new guided tour and help for policies

The service update for Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication comes with various highlights:

  • Developer Console now offers a guided tour
    A guided tour shows you around the main UI elements, services and the overall procedure of connecting devices.
    It is launched automatically at first use or via Documentation > Guided tour.

    Developer Console > Documentation > Guided tour
  • Bosch IoT Things provides a new sub-resource to retrieve subject IDs aka ‘Who am I’
    You can find the subject IDs for your current authentication, using the Who Am I-REST call. Find the resource in the API docs, at the end of the Policies section.
    See also FAQ > How to find the authorization subject IDs that I can use in policies?
  • Bosch IoT Things supports certificate-based authentication for HTTP connections
    Your persistent HTTP connection can now authenticate with a certificate.
    To configure your connection respectively, use the Things dashboard > Connections/Integrations or the API docs. Find an example at client-certificate authentication.
  • Gateway Software 10.1
    • Local Things REST API support – represent devices in a consistent way as Bosch IoT Things both for cloud and local applications
    • Custom Azure IoT adapter working modes & messages – configure how data can be mapped, sent and represented in order to feed data to particular applications
    • ONVIF devices firmware upgrades – update to the desired version of a device’s operating software
    • EZSP version 6.7 support – EZSP is Silicon Labs’ EmberZNet Serial Protocol (EZSP). Now the Zigbee module is compatible with controllers using the latest firmware
    • New History Web Console plug-in – use the web console to manage history entries, such as adding, removing, querying and more
    • Server Sent Events (SSE) support – subscribe to event notifications that are sent from a server. For example, get notified when the state of the Bosch IoT Things changes. Find the official release notes at>
      Upon booking a new package, you will receive the respective download link to the latest version.

In addition, various minor bugs have also been fixed.