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Bosch IoT Things: Adoption of a new command-and-control pattern

The new service release for Bosch Iot Things comes with various changes, for example:

  • Adoption of the new command-and-control pattern provided by Bosch IoT Hub.
“The control prefix in the northbound and southbound Command & Control endpoints has been renamed to command. The endpoint names with the control prefix are still supported but deprecated. The northbound endpoint for business applications to receive command responses has the command_response prefix now. The old control prefix for the receiver address is also still supported but deprecated.”
  • All new connections will use the new pattern by default to support device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication patterns alike.
  • In case you have configured your Hub-to-Things connection manually, you will need to migrate the connection until February 2020.
  • Support of custom addresses and header mappings for replies
    • See subject ID placeholder {{ request:subjectId }}. Tip: You can use it for the “reply-to” property.
    • The placeholder is available for Connection sources and Connection targets.
  • End of support for relations
    The relations resource at the Bosch IoT HTTP API v1 has been announced deprecated in November 2018. Now the time has come to end support for that resource.

At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.