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Bosch IoT Things: connection authentication for public clouds – Azure and AWS and further improvements

The latest service release of Bosch IoT Things comes with various changes:

Connection authentication for public clouds – Azure and AWS

Bosch IoT Things supports integration with the ecosystems of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have additionally introduced the HTTP push signature authentication using HMAC-SHA256. Further, we support connection authentication with Azure SASL for HTTP and AMQP connections.

Examples: The following examples demonstrate integration with Azure Monitor, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Service Bus, AWS SNS and AWS S3.

Use organization roles for managing solution resources

To manage the Things solution by API (e.g. create connections, namespaces, etc.) you can now also authenticate with an SuiteAuth token comprising the organization roles.

New subscriptions will automatically add the subjects iot-suite:/organization.<org-guid>.Owner , iot-suite:/organization.<org-guid>.Developer and iot-suite:/organization.<org-guid>.Manager into the solution policy.

For old subscriptions you will need to edit the solution policy manually. Find an example at Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management > Policy examples.

Use SuiteAuth OpenID Connect logout

Bosch IoT Suite portal provides authorization functionality like creating OAuth2 clients. As SuiteAuth supports logout according to the OpenID Connect standard, with the latest service update Bosch IoT Things uses the SuiteAuth logout functionality for the Things UI.

Further improvements

  • Improved rollback mechanism in Device Provisioning API
  • Improved error handling for already existing devices and twins on device provisioning
  • Relaxed JWT timestamp check to accept short system time differences
  • Prepared for consuming from Apache Kafka.
    The connection between Bosch IoT Hub and Bosch IoT Things is subject to change by Aug – Oct 2021.
    We will announce the change and potential migration steps separately.

At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.