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Bosch IoT Things: Decouple live message responses from technical settlement

The latest service update for Bosch IoT Things comes with various improvements:

  • Decouple live message responses from the technical settlement
    • Live responses are considered to be a successful acknowledgment if they have not been timed out. This allows to respond with an error status code without having a failing technical settlement of the incoming message.
    • It is now possible to receive a live response without adding it to the required acknowledgment for the technical settlement of an incoming message.
    • The default value of response-required does no longer depend on the value of requested-acks.
  • Display created field in Things UI
    The _created field introduced in a previous release is now also visible for newly created things in the Things tab of the Things UI.
  • Eclipse Ditto version 1.3.0
    Version 1.3.0 of Eclipse Ditto has been released on September 30, 2020.
    Read the official release notes.

In addition, various minor bugs have been fixed.