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Bosch IoT Things: Enrichment of events and messages

By default, the Bosch IoT Things service will notify all consumers with read permission on a specific thing about all changes applied to the thing entity. This type of signal is also known as ‘change event’.

But what, if your consumer needs additional data related to that thing, in order to get “more meaningful” notifications?

The answer: using the new possibility to enrich events and messages.

The new approach will help your application to get additional data – like attributes, or feature properties – on each event. Although enriched events are a bit “bigger”, they reduce the traffic, as your consumer does not need a second request-response for the “extra” data.

How to use it?

You can add e.g. attributes or feature properties of your things, which are not included in the original payload, but are helpful for your consumers, by using the new parameter extraFields.

For persistent connections you can specify the settings at the Target section.


What about filtering?

In case your application prefers to only be notified upon a specific kind of event, you can apply filtering and thus help to reduce traffic load.

tip The new enrichment query parameter extraFields and the event filter can be used together.

Find details at Enrichment of events and messages.