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Bosch IoT Things: Improvements and new features powered by Eclipse Ditto 1.1.0

As Bosch IoT Things is powered by Eclipse Ditto, you now benefit from all new features and improvements which come with Eclipse Ditto 1.1.0:

  • New – Policy management and Search are now also supported via Ditto Protocol, and Java client.
  • CORS improvements and content-type restrictions
    As already announced to some of our customers, the Bosch IoT Things service will handle the content-type on all HTTP API calls more restrictively.

    • As our main content type for managing things and policies (as well as all their sub-structures) is application/json, please make sure, your requests use that content type.
    • The “Messages” resources are not affected, as for messages arbitrary content types might be required.
    • Resources without request content, e.g. GET endpoints, are also not affected.
    • The OPTIONS “preflight” request, required by CORS, is supported by the Bosch IoT Things service.
    • We now additionally allow etag, if-match and if-none-match header in CORS requests and responses.
  • Improved command reply-to for edge devices
    Edge devices, which have been registered via the Bosch IoT Gateway Software stack, usually do not have an explicit device ID at the Bosch IoT Hub service. In such cases, the reply-to is now directed to the gateway.
  • Improved Free plan
    Customers of free plans reported that they run out of transactions too quickly at an early stage when exploring the service for the first time. We are happy to announce that henceforth, the free plan will contain the full transaction quota for the first month, regardless on which day of the month you booked the service.
  • Improved handling of headers
    Due to security considerations, custom HTTP headers of incoming requests are no longer sent back in the HTTP response.

In addition, various minor bugs have been fixed.