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Bosch IoT Things: New mapper for raw messages

The raw message mapper supports routing messages to other applications, even in case your incoming message does not follow the Eclipse Ditto protocol.

This opens up the possibility to use Bosch IoT Things for routing messages to other applications that are not mainly interested in persisting the device status as a digital twin.

The default is prepared to support such use cases out-of-the-box. However, you can customize it to your needs.

Managed connections to and from Bosch IoT Things can enable this new type of mapping.

  • For incoming messages, the mapper wraps the content, which is not related to digital twin interactions into a configured live message envelope.
  • For outgoing messages, the mapper extracts the payload of this live message envelope and publishes the wrapped payload into the target channel.

tip Find more information in the Bosch IoT Things documentation.

In addition, various minor bugs have also been fixed.