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Bosch IoT Things: Service update expands Device Provisioning API

The new Bosch IoT Things service update comes with various improvements:

  • The Device Provisioning API has been expanded
    • Using the new field authScope , you can now choose to provision in the context of your subscription (i.e. service instance) instead of provisioning in context of the current requester, which is still the default. This ensures that the created things will be accessible for all users who have access to the same Bosch IoT Suite subscription.
      For more information see: API docs > Bosch IoT Suite – Device Provisioning
    • It additionally provides a new endpoint for hybrid scenarios
      For more information see: Hybrid offering on Microsoft Azure
  • Further improvements
    • The Things dashboard uses Suite Auth (based on OAuth JWT tokens) for login and access control.
      Henceforth, you will not need to add further user IDs/special client IDs into the subject fields of your policies if you just want to use subscription/service instance level access control.
    • Details on the procedure how to “bring your own OAuth provider” have been published. See the FAQ: How to configure a custom OpenID Connect client?
  • Deprecation of authentication mechanisms
    • Since Bosch IoT Permissions cannot be booked for new customers anymore, we have adjusted all examples, and deprecate the Basic authentication as well as JWT authentication with Bosch IoT Permissions as an issuer.
    • Additionally, in favor of the new Suite OAuth approach, we deprecate the Things specific API Token.

In addition, various minor bugs have also been fixed.