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Bosch IoT Things: Service update improves support for Asset Communication package

The new service release comes with various improvements for better supporting the Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication package:

  • Connection recovery
    The Things service now tries to automatically recover connections, which have been created in line with booking an instance of the Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication package, and might not appear ready-to-use at the first check.
    However, in case you still encounter connections marked with ! at the Things dashboard, the easy way to try to manually recover it would be to close and then re-open the connection.
    Find details in Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication documentation.
  • New header x-things-parameter-order
    This header has been introduced to support messages (e.g. operation request to a gateway or device) which need to ensure a fixed the parameter order.
    Find details at Protocol specification and an example at How to make sure my message payload follows a specific order?

At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.