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Bosch IoT Things: New service update with various improvements

The last service release for Bosch IoT Things in 2019 comes with various changes:

Definition for your things

The JSON model of a thing has been extended to support a new optional definition field at the thing level to reference a thing/device abstraction model.

Find details at .

This new definition field facilitates to search for things, which have the same definition. Get familiar with the definition sub-resources for the HTTP API at

Improved payload mapping for status information

Incoming and outgoing JavaScript mappings now additionally provide a status parameter.

The status code indicates the result of the command, e.g. 200 indicates that your command was executed successfully.

Billing of transactions

Your quota consumption may vary depending on how active your devices and your users are.

To facilitate your estimation regarding which type of service plan fits better to your needs, the Things dashboard now shows the consumed quota on managed data volume as well as the transactions count for the current month.


Things instance management

Try it out: If you run into limits, feel free to upgrade your plan. Otherwise, in case you run out of transactions, you will need to wait until the start of the next month.

Documentation moved

Last but not least, with this service update our documentation moved from “” to

Pages at will not be available in future. Please update your bookmarks.

Examples on GitHub moved

The repository for the examples on GitHub has been renamed