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Bosch IoT Things: New service update released

A new service update for Bosch IoT Things has been released. It comes with various search improvements.

Among others, the new Search now supports:

  • Various internal fields, which can be used in a search filter, or as part of your search results:
    _modified, _revision,_namespace.
    See Search – fields
  • New paging options via cursor.
    You can, for example, limit the first search results to <your-number> items (default 25).
    The cursor marks the position after the last entry of the previous search to “bookmark” where to start the next set of results.
    See Search > Paging options
  • The paging option limit({offset},{count}) is deprecated.
    In case you still use the old option, slow queries or timeouts might occur. Also, the old options might be removed without further notice.

In addition, various minor bugs have been fixed.