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Empowering the intelligent edge: announcing general availability (GA) for Bosch IoT Edge

The new Bosch IoT Edge helps companies rapidly roll out any end-to-end IoT scenario with minimum integration work, scalable applications and availability of edge platforms.

Bosch IoT Edge is the new edge offering of the Bosch IoT Suite, offering a set of tools and services that help enable devices for AIoT with connectivity, management, applications and updates for a variety of business use cases.

Bosch IoT Suite customers can use Bosch IoT Edge to solve the challenges of IoT – from device connectivity, data collection and management, to device and software management.

Using Bosch IoT Edge, enterprises can connect legacy and new devices, manage devices from the cloud and run AI and other logic directly on the device to get more value out of their assets and data. They can also ensure a fast response, increase security and offline operations. Device manufacturers can add new revenue streams by creating connected products, connected processes and data-assisted services to ensure agile development of hardware and software.

Product highlights

Bosch IoT Edge is fully integrated with the Bosch IoT cloud services featuring a free, lightweight Edge Agent that runs on the device to provide cloud connectivity, local communication, and containers management. The Edge Services component (former Bosch IoT Gateway Software) is deployable as a container on top of the Edge Agent installation to provide extended protocol support and advanced edge capabilities, such as a history, rules and more.

Lightweight components

Bosch IoT Edge can run on a range of platforms from small microcontrollers to powerful edge nodes. Choose between the Bosch IoT Edge Agent for Zephyr for small ARM microcontrollers, or the Bosch IoT Edge Agent for more powerful Linux ARM or x86_64 gateways with access to more advanced features such as containerization, protocols and edge services.

Containerized applications

Bosch IoT Edge supports the use of standard OCI containers allowing developers to deploy custom applications or advanced edge services packaged as isolated containers. Using containers, developers can selectively scale applications, use most fit-for-purpose technologies and languages, and re-use cloud applications without re-writing code.

Cloud integration

Connectivity to Bosch IoT Suite is provided out-of-the-box upon installation of Bosch IoT Edge on the device. A lightweight MQTT connection with the Ditto protocol and digital twin representation within Bosch IoT Things allow for device control from the cloud, and performing all locally available actions in the cloud.

Advanced edge services and protocol support

The Edge Services component (former Bosch IoT Gateway Software) provides extended device connectivity for various wired and wireless protocols and advanced edge computing capabilities, including tools for building and deploying the right set of services for your device.

Using Bosch IoT Edge’s configurable and reusable building blocks, technology teams can build interoperable solutions, accelerate application development, scale hardware and applications and manage security and updates.

How to get started

Bosch IoT Edge and its components are available to download as part of the Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication and Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management.