This offer is only addressed to commercial customers including freelancers and entrepreneurs. All prices are exclusive of value added tax (VAT).
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General availability (GA) of Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management

The Bosch IoT Suite team is proud to announce the general availability of Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management.  It targets device manufacturers and enterprises who need to manage large fleets of devices, as well as operators who need to execute campaigns to update their firmware and software over the air.

Typical use cases for device management:

Independent from the specific domain, be it mobility, industry, or others, it is crucial to be able to manage devices without having the need to physically interact with them. Checking the health of device hardware, monitoring the connectivity of a device, keeping device firmware and software up-to-date, identifying unusual behavior of a device, or performing use-case specific bulk operations are only a few examples of such device management tasks to perform with Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management.

Strengths of Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management:

  • Automated, planned execution of mass device management actions, such as initial device provisioning, applying of configuration changes, deploying of new and updating of existing software components/applications.
  • Complex software rollout campaigns, e.g. vehicle FOTA, smart home device updates, etc. including reporting of progress and success of the processes
  • Remote device monitoring and performing of instant maintenance tasks – device diagnostics and troubleshooting

Your benefits:

  • Start with improving customer satisfaction by real-time monitoring of the state of your IoT devices, providing remote service and maintenance, software updates and value adding upgrades
  • Reduce costs by automating complex device management tasks and realize new business models
  • Get started immediately by using the pre-configured integrated solution for end-to-end device management, from connectivity to complex software update campaigns.

Integration with the Edge

For customers implementing complete edge-to-cloud scenarios or edge computing use cases, Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management is featuring full integration with the new edge offering of the Bosch IoT Suite – Bosch IoT Edge.

Using Bosch IoT Edge on the devices allows Bosch IoT Suite customers to update device firmware over the air, install and manage containerized device applications as well as remotely configure and manage device features, services, and state.

What is Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management made of?

Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management combines all features offered by Bosch IoT Rollouts, Bosch IoT Manager, Bosch IoT Things, Bosch IoT Hub, and – for edge-to-cloud use cases – optionally Bosch IoT Edge, into one tightly integrated offering.

Visit the service page of Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management to learn more about all its features and benefits.

For more functionalities and use cases of Bosch IoT Edge, visit the Bosch IoT Edge service overview.