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Improve field selection in Input Widget

The Input widget has been extended to support dynamic field selection in the following formats: object, array of objects with label, and value pairs.
This format has been added to support dynamic single and multi-selection [ { label: 'label1', value: 'value1' }, { label: 'label2', value: 'value2' } ]

Bug Fixes

  • INS-6734: An existing processed data document should be able to be deleted
  • INS-6595: Plotly memory leak issue
  • INS-6697: Removing a table widget in the dashboard view is not possible
  • INS-6735: Custom menu does not set height correctly 
  • INS-6616: Device Details View: Editing of images not possible, when device name “too” long
  • INS-6538: Batch action in tables needs double start before batch job starts
  • INS-6387: Project Selector: Broken link if clicking on current project
  • INS-6600: Linked Device Selection does not work